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Birds of Burma; The ( Fourth Edition )

Mystical Burma is hidden inside the pages of this classic book, now re-issued and updated by the late author, B.E. Smythies. From the time he began his forestry career there in 1934 until his last revision of these pages in 1999, his was one of the key influences in Burmese ornithology. Fewer than [...]

Bugs: The World’s Most Terrifying Insects


Food Plants of the World


Forestry in Sabah; Commemorative Edition

Forestry in Sabah has progressed much over the last century. In years long gone, forestry revolved mostly around the regulation of trade in forest products, and the collection of appropriate fees and royalties for the State from the extraction of these State resources. As time progressed and the exploitation of Sabah’s rich forest [...]

Fossils; A pocket companion

Much more than just simple lumps of stone, fossils provide important clues about the history of the Earth. Fossils provides a comprehensive introduction to the fascinating world of palaeontology. In this book, a fact-packed introduction is followed by a visual directory of the various fossil types. A broad range of individual entries presents [...]

Garden Plants of the World; An Illustrated Reference to (over 4250 of the world’s most popular plants)

Garden Plants of the world is the most comprehensive book available on trees, shrubs and climbers of the world. Featuring 800 plants, with text accompanied by full colour photographs for each, this book is an extensive identification guide.

Designed as a reference guide for both nurserymen and plant enthusiasts, it details the most widely grown [...]

Gardener’s World Magazine: 101 Grow to Eat Ideas


Guidelines for Maximizing on Golf Courses

As human population expands, natural vegetation retreats and biodiversity across the globe is reduced. But as the world becomes more urbanized and crowded, there is a growing demand for access to outdoor leisure opportunities. Outdoors sports such as ecotourism, backpacking, horse riding, and fishing are major growth industries worldwide and golf spearheads the [...]

Hiking: The Essential Guide to Equipment & Techniques

Expert books with essential knowledge for those keen to enter the exciting world of these adrenaline-rich activities. ‘Hiking’ is your guide to planning and preparing for your first hike, choosing essential gear and equipment, learning how to navigate with a compass and GPS, developing specialist skills needed to tackle longer hikes and discovering [...]

Malaysian Journey; The Progress in Diversity

This book by the World Economic Forum is about the journey that Malaysia has taken. Like all journeys, the Malaysian one had its share of milestones and watersheds. The starting point cannot be precisely determined. There were false starts and failures. But certainly, 1957 marked a significant step in the journey when Malaysia [...]