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25 Tropical Houses in Singapore & Malaysia

Positioned as a global city at the hub of South East Asia, Singapore now has a thoroughly modern sensibility mediated by an inherited culture and sense of place. This new global consciousness is reflected in its architecture, which demonstrates a seamless marriage of vernacular and modernist forms. Singapore’s houses create pleasure from the [...]

A to Z of South East Asian Orchids Species

This 176 page book was produced by the Orchid Society of South east Asia (OSSEA) to coincide with the 17th World Orchid Conference 2002, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was written as a simple, convenient, inexpensive guide, for people who know little about S.E. Asian orchid species, but want to find out more. [...]

Birds of South-East Asia; A field guide to the

A Field Guide to the Birds of South-East Asia was first published in 2000 and instantly became the definitive ornithological guide to the region. Since then, due to discoveries, vagrants and new understandings in taxonomy, the region’s bird list has increased by 76 species. This fully updated new edition covers all of the [...]

Butterflies of Borneo & South East Asia; A Field Guide to the

Butterflies of Borneo & SE Asia by Kazuhisa Otsuka. 2001. 220pp. Field guide to the 200 most frequently seen butterfly species in Borneo. Top quality colour pictures of living specimens going about their daily lives, plus text. English & Japanese editions Butterflies of Borneo & SE Asia by Kazuhisa Otsuka. 2001. 220pp. [...]

Ceramic Traditions of South-East Asia (reprint)

The artistic tradition of East Asia, in its richness of expression, technique, and style is the subject of this series, which aims to bring to the reader who wants to learn more than the journal article or encyclopaedia entry can provide, a clear and comprehensuve presentation of the region’s cultural diversity. Each volume, [...]

Colugo: The Flying Lemur of South East Asia

Colugos are mammals in the order Dermoptera. There are two species: Malayan Colugo (Cynocephalus variegatus) and Philippine Colugo (C. volans). They inhabit the dense tropical rainforests of South-east Asia from coastal woodlands along the beaches to montane forests in the hills. The Colugo is about the size of a domestic cat, it feeds [...]

Crimson Sun over Borneo

Japanese forces were advancing across South-east Asia and the Pacific in 1942, crushing all that stood in their way. Against this onslaught, British and American government officials were compelled to escape into the jungle to reach the safety of neutral territory. Some succeeded, others failed. This is the story of one such group [...]

Cultural Sites of Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia

South-east Asia has a considerable number of ancient cultural sites which are visited and appreciated by an increasing number of overseas travellers. This book covers the main archaeological and architectural sites found in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Each is described and its salient features noted and placed in the general context of the [...]

Economic Change in South East Asia, 1830-1980

This book provides an introduction to the economic history of South-east Asia from the early nineteenth century to the contemporary period. It examines, for example, the strong commitment of agriculturists across the region to cultivation for export markets from the middle decades of the nineteenth century, and the impact of agricultural specialization on [...]

Forest Pest Insects in Sabah

Sabah has one of the richest tropical rain forest habitats, but economic pressure as well as rapid development have halved her natural forest cover within the past thirty years. The Sabah Government is taking intensive efforts to reforest the logged-over areas and degraded sites. A vital component of the strategy to achieve sustainable [...]