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Bako National Parks Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo: A Guide to

Lush tropical rainforests including mangroves with some of the world’s rarest flora and fauna together with a rocky coastline interrupted only by pristine white sandy beaches are not a thing of the past: they can be enjoyed fist hand in Bako National Park. Bako is one the smallest parks in Sarawak, yet one of the [...]

This is Borneo; Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Kalimantan

This is Borneo has been produced in close collaboration with the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) Malaysia, an organization which, as a matter of policy, always attempts to take a balanced, factual approach in its conservation work. Thus, this book provides a balanced view of the world’s third largest island, using a unique blend [...]

A Botanist in Borneo; Hugh Low’s Sarawak Journals 1844 – 1846

At the time I formerly sent it to you I remember having said that I expected something very magnificent in its flower, and sure I am that when it produces its spikes of flowers in England it will be the admiration of all cultivators, probably beyond any Orchid that has ever appeared. As [...]

A History of Sarawak (Reprint)

The Rajah now set to work in earnest to put the Government on a sound footing. He made no attempt to introduce a brand new constitution and laws, but took what Already existed. He found the legal code was just enough on paper, but had been over-ridden and nullified by the lawless pangirans. [...]

Bako National Park, Borneo; Rain Forest, Vegetation & Plants (including a checklist on flowering plants)

It is envisaged that the book will act as a field guide and reference for the information on Bako’s unique and diverse plant life as well as the vegetation of the park, a treasure that is not to be missed. As Bako National Park is a very popular destination, this is where the [...]

Borneo High Court Reports

This book is the culmination of the co-operative efforts of several judges of the High Court of the Borneo States without whose effort it would be impossible to produce this book. The judgements cover a wide range of cases, but apart from the usual run of cases involving common law such as contract [...]

Borneo The Land of River & Palm

WELCOME a new edition of this book. It tells of a land everyone must love who knows it. Its future is very much in front, not in the past! In twenty years there must be marvelous openings both for good and evil in Borneo. Let us serve our generation by aiding the advent [...]

Culture Shock : Malaysia

Culture Shock! Malaysia will give you valuable insights into one of Asia’s most energetic societies, a place where breathtaking natural landscapes and cosmopolitan cities attract visitors on business or pleasure. Including a detailed list of the dos and don’ts of Malaysian etiquette, to help you avoid any faux pas when socialising with the [...]

Gingers of Sarawak; A Pocket Guide


Gunung Mulu National Park; A guide to : A World Heritage Site in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo

The authors of this book have been known to be authorities on the subject of National Parks in Sarawak (Malaysian Borneo)after having written a book on that subject. Throughout their professional careers they have been involved in exploring the rich biodiversity wealth of Borneo particularly that of Sarawak. One of the world’s renowned [...]