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Plants and Flowers of Malaysia

This is a lavishly illustrated handbook which captures some of the wonderful, weird, beautiful, rare and common plants that are part of Malaysia’s natural heritage. The book features 170 native and naturalized Malaysian plant species, including a parade of carnivorous pitcher plants – the world’s most successful vegetable trappers of insects and extraordinary ant plants, [...]

Food Plants of the World


Garden Plants of the World; An Illustrated Reference to (over 4250 of the world’s most popular plants)

Garden Plants of the world is the most comprehensive book available on trees, shrubs and climbers of the world. Featuring 800 plants, with text accompanied by full colour photographs for each, this book is an extensive identification guide.

Designed as a reference guide for both nurserymen and plant enthusiasts, it details the most widely grown [...]

Garden Plants; The Encyclopedia of


Medicinal Plants of the World


Pitcher Plants of Peninsular Malaysia; A guide to the

The flora of Peninsular Malaysia is incredibly diverse. Many groups of tropical plants, such as orchids, palms, gingers, begonias and balsams are well-known, not just in Malaysia, but around the world. The main reasons for this are that many Malaysian species from these groups are attractive ornamental plants, while others are of considerable [...]

Pitcher Plants of Sabah; A Guide to the

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Pitcher Plants of Sarawak; A Pocket Guide


Plants of Mt Kinabalu (vol 3)

The primary objective of this project is to provide an inventory of all vascular plants in the flora of Mount Kinabalu. Two books on the flora, covering the fems, fern allies and orchids, have already been published. The Plants of Mount Kinabalu 3, enumerates the gymnosperms and non-Orchid monocotyledons. Two additional volumes on [...]

Plants: The Encyclopedia of Malaysia (Vol 2)

Malaysia abounds in botanical riches. About one third of the world’s flowering plants, including at least 2,500 species of flowering trees, are found in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. Among these are some of the most fascinating and beautiful plants in the world. Different vegetation types reflect a variety of ecosystems, from the [...]