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Animals: The Encyclopedia of Malaysia Vol 3

Malaysia is rich in wildlife. The country’s equatorial climate has encouraged the evolution of an exceptional number and variety of animal species, in Sabah and Sarawak as well as Peninsular Malaysia. This volume introduces the animals of Malaysia in a way never done before. There are many different environments for animals in Malaysia, [...]

Bamboos of Peninsular Malaysia; The (Malayan Forest Records No 41)


Begonias of Peninsular Malaysia


Birds of Peninsular Malaysia & Singapore; A Photographic Guide to


Birds of Peninsular Malaysia & Singapore; A Pocket Checklist of the

It is 30 years since the Malayan Nature Society published a “Pocket Checklist of the Birds of Malaya and Singapore” by Lord Medway. It served ornithologists and birds-watchers well over a number of years, but has long been out of print. Many of the vernacular and scientific names have changed, new species have [...]

Birds of Peninsular Malaysia; The

This book, the sixth in a series of popular bird books published in the ‘Images of Asia` series, introduces the reader to the most typical, representative, and colourful birds of the Malay peninsula, an area extending from southern Thailand to Singapore. Simple, non-technical descriptions of some 150 species, including their distinguishing features and [...]

Birds of South-East Asia; A field guide to the

A Field Guide to the Birds of South-East Asia was first published in 2000 and instantly became the definitive ornithological guide to the region. Since then, due to discoveries, vagrants and new understandings in taxonomy, the region’s bird list has increased by 76 species. This fully updated new edition covers all of the [...]

Borneo High Court Reports

This book is the culmination of the co-operative efforts of several judges of the High Court of the Borneo States without whose effort it would be impossible to produce this book. The judgements cover a wide range of cases, but apart from the usual run of cases involving common law such as contract [...]

Dragonflies of Peninsular Malaysia & Singapore; A Pocket Guide


Fascinating Snakes of Southeast Asia

The first work of its kind to include both poisonous and non-poisonous snakes of Southeast Asia, this book is a must for all snakes enthusiasts. 105 attractive colour slides of over 70 species of snakes, each fully described. Sections that discuss handling snakes and treating snakebites, and answers to some of the most [...]