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BORNEO Australia’s Proud but Tragic Heritage

They were volunteers, aged between fifteen and fifty at enlistment. Many were married men with children. They all came together as comrades in arms, described by one of their senior officers as “… the finest cross-section of Australian manhood that has ever left our shores”. In Malaya and on Singapore, these men of [...]

Borneo The Land of River & Palm

WELCOME a new edition of this book. It tells of a land everyone must love who knows it. Its future is very much in front, not in the past! In twenty years there must be marvelous openings both for good and evil in Borneo. Let us serve our generation by aiding the advent [...]

Check List of Sabah Trees; Preferred

This pocket check-list replaces North Borneo Forest Record No. 6 “Check list of the Forest Flora of North Borneo” by G.H.S. Wood and J. Agama, first published in 1956, with subsequent editions. It is intended primarily as a definitive list of preferred vernacular names for those trees of Sabah which are commercially, ecologically [...]

Dipterocarps of Sabah (North Borneo)


Early Picture Postcards of North Borneo & Labuan

“A picture is worth a thousand words” goes the ancient saying. One of the best ways to portray the history of North Borneo and Labuan is to look at the picture postcards of the olden days. The historical scope of this book is confined to those picture postcards published in the pre-World War II [...]

Flora of Mount Kinabalu in North Borneo; On the


Fresh-water Fishes of North Borneo; The (reprint)

North Borneo (now the Malaysian state of Sabah) is situated at the northern tip of Borneo Island (the third largest island in the world). It lies between 5′ and 7′ north of the Equator. It covers an area of 73,711 sq. km. (29,388 sq. miles) or about 10% of Borneo’s total area of [...]

Masa Jepun

The Japanese occupation of Sarawak, Brunei and North Borneo during World War Two is one of the big gaps in the writing about Borneo history. Apart from official Australian and British military accounts of the invasion and liberation, the main body of writing consists of first-hand narratives by European prisoners of war and [...]

Plants of Mount Kinabalu 4; The

The primary objective of this project is to provide an inventory of all vascular plants in the flora of Mount Kinabalu. Three books on the flora, covering the ferns, fern allies, orchids, and gymnosperms and non-orchid monocotyledons, already have been published. The Plants of Mount Kinabalu, 4 enumerates the dicotyledon families Acanthaceae [...]