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Plants and Flowers of Malaysia

This is a lavishly illustrated handbook which captures some of the wonderful, weird, beautiful, rare and common plants that are part of Malaysia’s natural heritage. The book features 170 native and naturalized Malaysian plant species, including a parade of carnivorous pitcher plants – the world’s most successful vegetable trappers of insects and extraordinary ant plants, [...]

Publisher’s Visit

John Beaufoy and Ken Scriven

John Beaufoy,¬† Proprietor and MD of John Beaufoy Publishing¬† from the UK (left), and his Area Representative Ken Scriven (former CEO of WWF Malaysia) came to the shop in KK 2 days ago to show us the final mock up of¬† ‘Wild Sabah’,¬† a new volume by John (Mammals of [...]

Herbs of Malaysia

Herbs of Malaysia is an easy reference book that:

- contributes information to the rising world demand for altenative medicines.
- is written by experienced and knowldgeable researchers.
- is a comprehensive guide to Malaysian herbs.
- is a guide on the pharmaceutical and cosmetic uses of Malaysian herbs.
- includes more than 200 brilliant colour photographs to identify herbs.

Bamboos of Peninsular Malaysia; The (Malayan Forest Records No 41)


Begonias of Peninsular Malaysia


Birds of Peninsular Malaysia & Singapore; A Photographic Guide to


Dragonflies of Peninsular Malaysia & Singapore; A Pocket Guide


Federation of Malaysia; Formation of

One of the set of ten mentioned under #1978

Hill Resorts & Nature Parks in Malaysia


Malaysia Banknotes Coin 1786-2004; A Complete Educational Reffrence