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Kuching Municipal; The History of

One of the set of ten mentioned under #1978

Nine Dayak Nights: The Story of a Dayak Folk Hero (reprint)

The Dayaks of Borneo have the reputation of a savage and primitive people, addicted to the gruesome practice of hanging the skulls of their enemies from the rafters of the headhouses where their young warriors sleep. D~ Geddes spent two years, after the end of the Second World War, in a Land Dayak [...]

River of the White Lily; Life in Sarawak (Reprint)

The country was divided into five provinces called divisions: First is capital Kuching, Second with Samanggang as the capital, Third with Sibu as the capital, Fourth with Miri as capital and Fifth with Limbang for its capital. In my opinion these were arbitrary divisions and not based on any economic or racial boundaries. [...]

Sarawak & Kuching Map


Sarawak & Kuching: Road Map of


Sarawak Historical Events 1941-45

[BBooks comment] We have a set of 10 publications on the history of Sarawak, including such titles as ‘Kuching in Pictures 1841-1991; The Sarawak River; Sarawak Historical Events 1946-60. They all have the same author and are all published by the same company.They are rather more descriptive rather than analytical. Each is priced [...]

The Fishes of Kuching Rivers; A Field Guide

A Field Guide to the Fishes of Kuching Rivers, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo introduces the nontaxonomic reader to the variety of fish species in the mostly estuarine rivers running through the city of Kuching. Many of the species are illustrated with some of the most stunning photography yet seen in any fish guide.One hundred [...]

White Rajahs; The (Reprint)

James Brooke arrived back at Kuching on 29th August 1840, feeling dispirited and tired. Hasim and the Malay notables gave him a pleasant welcome. But the rebellion had not been suppressed. There seemed to be no prospect of journeys into the interior, and nothing to do at Kuching. Once more he decided to [...]