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Indonesian Heritage – Vol 1 – Ancient History

Indonesia’s record of human activity spans one million years of time; it’s territory covers 1/8th of the earth equator – a 5,000-kilometre-wide swath of space. In this lush environment some of mankind’s oldest ancestors first walked. In the forests, seas and soils of the archipelago, early Indonesians found a wealth of resources which they [...]

Indonesian Heritage – Vol 6 – Architecture

The architecture of Indonesia reflects both the cultural diversity of the region and its rich historical inheritance. The wide range of vernacular styles is the legacy of an Austronesian architectural tradition characterised by wooden pile dwellings, high pitched roofs and extended roof ridges. The great Hindu Buddhist temples of Java, on the other [...]

Indonesian Heritage – Vol 3 – Early Modern History

The early modern period, from about 1400 to 1900, was one in which the various societies of the Archipelago assumed the forms we now see as ‘traditional’, though they are in reality a product of unceasing change. Indonesians became an integral part of the world trading system, producing the spices that helped fuel [...]

Indonesian Heritage – Vol 2 – Human Environment

A multitude of cultural groups inhabit over 17,508 islands that make up Indonesia. The country’s diversity is among its most conspicuous features, whether seen in physical terms or in human terms. A complex and rich history has heightened the Indonesian experience. Modernisation is transforming the human geography of the country, with expanding road [...]

Indonesian Heritage – Vol 10 – Language & Literature

The Indonesian Archipelago is a region of great linguistic wealth. Hundreds of distinct languages are found, and many ethnic groups have their own scripts and writing traditions. Over time, languages and styles of expression have been juxtaposed and blended, history and experience being fashioned into recorded texts and oral traditions. The materials of Indonesian [...]

Indonesian Heritage – Vol 8 – Performing Arts

Indonesia’s vast cultural diversity is exemplified in the endless variety of its performing arts, from entertaining processions and village mask-dances to the wayang shadow puppet theatre of Java with stories taken from the Indian epics and the local Panji cycle; from traditional musical accompaniments by the full slendro- and pelog-tuned gamelan and smaller [...]

Indonesian Heritage – Vol 4 – Plants

Indonesia’s equatorial environment encourages the evolution of an exceptional number of species, each adapted to a specific habitat. To this great diversity which is common to all equatorial regions, Indonesia adds a further variation: its archipelago landform. As sea levels have risen and subsided over the past two million years, animal communities have [...]

Indonesian Heritage – Vol 7 – Visual Art

Indonesian art has an unbroken tradition reaching back 5,000 years. Beginning with prehistoric art, this volume goes on to trace the emergence of traditional folk art, and the gradual progression into contemporary representation. We find examples of cave and rock art , ancient bronzes and megalithic sculptures, and examine how many [...]

Indonesian Heritage – Vol 5 – Wildlife