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Governors of British North Borneo and Heads of State of Sabah

“History is the witness that testifies to the passing of time, it illumines reality, vitalizes memory, provides guidance in daily life and brings us tidings of antiquity”, this famous quote of Marcus Cicero was so aptly put history into perspective.

This  is a very important reference book to researchers, historians, students, libraries and it is a [...]

Amphibians & Reptiles in Sabah: A Natural History


Birds of Burma; The ( Fourth Edition )

Mystical Burma is hidden inside the pages of this classic book, now re-issued and updated by the late author, B.E. Smythies. From the time he began his forestry career there in 1934 until his last revision of these pages in 1999, his was one of the key influences in Burmese ornithology. Fewer than [...]

Feng Shui in the Home; Creating Harmony

FENG SHUI IN THE HOME is a book that marries the eastern art of Feng Shui with contemporary interior design. It is an accessible, practical book that makes a sophisticated art easy to understand and apply room by room in your home. FENG SHUI IN THE HOME explains how to use the bagua, [...]

Forestry in Sabah; Commemorative Edition

Forestry in Sabah has progressed much over the last century. In years long gone, forestry revolved mostly around the regulation of trade in forest products, and the collection of appropriate fees and royalties for the State from the extraction of these State resources. As time progressed and the exploitation of Sabah’s rich forest [...]

Ikats of Savo; Women Weaving History in Eastern Indonesia


Kuching Municipal; The History of

One of the set of ten mentioned under #1978

Plants of Mt Kinabalu (vol 3)

The primary objective of this project is to provide an inventory of all vascular plants in the flora of Mount Kinabalu. Two books on the flora, covering the fems, fern allies and orchids, have already been published. The Plants of Mount Kinabalu 3, enumerates the gymnosperms and non-Orchid monocotyledons. Two additional volumes on [...]

The Lundayeh of Long Pasia and Long Mio; Their History and Legends