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Asian Gemstones; Handy Pocket Guide to

Gemstones, both mythical and real, are deeply embedded in the arts, religions and cultures of Asia. This handy pocket guide provides an excellent introduction to the full range of superb gemstones mined and processed in the region, their physical characteristics, historical importance and countries of origin. Stunning color photographs and informative text by [...]

Orchids of Malaysia and Singapore; Handy Pocket Guide to the

This handy field guide provides an excellent introduction to over 120 exotic orchid species found in Tropical Asia, many unique to the region. Included are full-color photographs of their extraordinarily beautiful blooms and a wealth of expert botanical information. The photographs and text by David Banks, noted authority on tropical orchids, will delight [...]

Outdoor Survival

Outdoor Survival is an indispensable guide to preparing yourself for the challenges of the great outdoors, while providing practical, down to earth advice for coping with disaster situations. Vital elements such as building shelters and bridges, river-crossing and fire making techniques, navigation, basic knots and lashings, and improvisation receive considerable attention in this [...]

Tropical Coral Reef Fishes; Handy Pocket Guide to

The tremendous abundance of fishes seen during a single scuba dive or snorkeling session in the tropics is just staggering. Indeed, in some areas there are dozens of species inhabiting only one or two hectares of reef. But whether you get underwater, view marine life from the comfort of a glass bottomed boat [...]

Tropical Flowers of Malaysia & Singapore; Handy Pocket Guide to

This handy pocket guide introduces 55 plant species commonly found in Malaysia and Singapore. Each exotic bloom is described in detail, its history of origination discussed and gardening tips are given. Illustrated with over 120 beautiful color photographs, this book contains a wealth of botanical details, as well as fascinating information on the [...]

Tropical Fruits; Handy Pocket Guide to

This handy pocket guide introduces approximately 40 fruit species commonly found in the Tropics. Each exotic item is described in detail and its country of origin and areas of growth are discussed. Culinary uses are given, with tips on how to produce the best flavors, and the book ends with a number of [...]

Tropical Plants; Handy Pocket Guide to

This handy field guide introduces approximately 60 plant species found in the Tropics. Trees, shrubs, flowers and fruits are all presented in full color. Included are exotic and beautiful blooms, plants with utilitarian uses and some of the more extraordinary members of the plant kingdom. Each entry is described in detail, and expert [...]

Tropical Seashells; Handy Pocket guide to