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Dusun Riddles of Sabah

In the olden days of colonial Sabah, the indigenous Dusun people of North Borneo played riddles with one another while they planted young paddy shoots in the rice fields. The practice still continues to this day, but riddling has been brought into the homes as a much-loved form of entertainment for all, regardless of age [...]

A Study of Brunei Dusun Religion; Ethnic Priesthood on a Frontler of Islam

A Study of Brunei Dusun Religion; Ethnic Priesthood on a Frontler of Islam

Costumes of Sabah; An Introduction to the Traditional

An Introduction to the Traditional Costumes of Sabah documents the costume heritage of seven of Sabah’s indigenous groups, namely the Bajau, the Dusun Tindal, the Lotud, the Papar Kadazan, the Penampang Kadazan, the Murut and the Rungus. Why only seven, you may ask. Firstly, because the seven groups are some of the State’s [...]

Dusun Custom in Putatan District


Pagans of North Borneo; The ( Reprint)

There is an old saying, ” Good wine needs no bush ” ; if this is true then assuredly Mr. Owen Rutter’s book needs no introduction. Nor if it did could I claim any special competence, for it is now more than a quarter of a century since I spent six months in [...]

Religion of the Tempasuk Dusun of North Borneo: The (Reprinted)

The Religion of the Tempasuk Dusuns of North Borneo, which was first published in 1953, is one of the most important books written about the Dustin of the Tempasuk district, one of the numerous ethnic groups in Sabah (formerly called North Borneo). It is based on the author’s fieldwork in the early 20th [...]

Turan Adat; Some Customs of the Dusun of Tuaran West Coast Residency( North Borneo

These notes on some Tuaran Native Customs apply to the Tuaran Dusuns of the main Coastal plain, the”Suang Latud” (Latud people), a settled agricultural people who own valuable wet padi lands and many buffaloes and cattle. Their other wealth consists mostly in old jars and brass ware. From a Dustin standpoint they are [...]