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Coral Reef Life of Singapore; A Guide to the

This guide is written to highlight the variety of organisms present on our reefs and correct the mistaken impression that Singapore reefs are dying because of the heavy sediment load of the waters. Although our reefs are limited in extent compared to those of our neighbouring countries, the diversity of life is high. [...]

Corals Indo Pacific field Guide

Today the term “coral reef’ calls to mind one of the most fascinating and varied environments on our planet. Coral reefs are formed by tiny polyps that draw lime from the sea water and shape it into cup-like habitats. Millions of these minuscule cups are joined together in rows and layers to form [...]

Diving the World’s Coral Reefs

Diving the World’s Coral Reefs provides a comprehensive and visual celebration of the diving on some of nature’s most beautiful and colourful reefs. Built up over millions of years from the skeletal remains of tiny animals and often referred to as the rainforests of the sea, coral reefs are among the most diverse [...]


With today’s heightened awareness of the fragility in marine ecosystems, this book serves to enlighten the reader about the actual processes that keep alive one of the planet’s most majestic habitats: the coral reefs. Drawing on examples at one of the world’s most pristine and highly acclaimed atolls, Layang Layang, the lessons contained [...]

Marine Life of Malaysia & Singapore; Tropical

The warm, clear seas of the vast IndoPacific region nurture an incredible array of undersea creatures. This handy field guide is an excellent introduction to the fascinating marine life inhabiting the coral reefs of Malaysia and Singapore. Written by Dr. Gerald Allen, author of numerous books on marine life, this guide features stunning [...]

Marine Life of the Pacific & Indian Oceans

Malaysia lies at the very heart of the world’s richest marine biological province – the vast Indo-Pacific region. The development of its coral reefs is unsurpassed, forming a sanctuary for a myriad of colourful, often bizarre life froms. Nowhere else is there such a fascinating array of undersea creatures. This handy reference book [...]

Reef Exploring the Underwater World

Although they cover only one per cent of the Earth’s surface, coral reefs are home to more than 25 per cent of all marine fish species. They are the largest living structures on the planet, created by countless tiny organisms over millennia. Reef is your opportunity to discover these incredible habitats, home to [...]

Reef Fishes of the World

A revised edition which includes 44 new species, this essential guide describes and illustrates all fishes that are likely to be observed by anybody visiting or diving on the coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific – including the Red Sea – and western Atlantic Oceans to a depth of 60m. With 2,118 species, over [...]