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The Bird Festival in Retrospect

Good view of a Borneo Bristlehead spotted in the forest

Staff members going home

BBooks has been back in KK from Sandakan for two days now, and looks back on the occasion with fond memories. It was great to have our stall within 20m of the forest, it must be a record. Even better, to [...]

Tales from the Bird Festival – Day 5

Snake's eye view of the canopy walkway

The Festival was very quiet today. So the birdlife is sulking because there was nothing much to disrupt. However out in the forest things were stirring….snakes. A Japanese birder rushed to our bookstall early on to say he had met a very large snake on the canopy walkway. [...]

Tales from the Bird Festival – Day 4

We seem to have been here half a century. Today yet more stock arrived from KK on the Tung Mah Express to satisfy the insatiable demand for the two field guides. It’s gradually emerging that one (Myers) is the choice of the dedicated birder, while the other (Phillipps) is scoring with the less committed. It [...]

Tales from the Bird Festival – Day 3

Quentin Phillipps, of the eponymous Field Guide to the Birds of Borneo, signs off a copy

On this, the third day of the Festival, we ran out of stock of the two books we came to sell (the Phillipps and Myers guides to the birds of Borneo) (see postings for Sept 29th) Launching at this [...]

Tales from the Bird Festival – Day 2

The second day of the Festival opened hot and muggy. An overnight storm failed utterly to clear the air. It’s been like something out of Conrad all day. Lots of local families, being Sunday and free entry to the Rainforest Discovery Centre. This is half an hour outside Sandakan on the E. Coast of Sabah, [...]

Tales from the Bird Festival – Day 1

Borneo Books set up shop on the edge of the rainforest for the Borneo Bird Festival today. Our stall looks out on forest with some tall trees, one 50m tall. Flying squirrels are frequent in the evenings – the look like flying tea trays as they glide from way, way up. They can do about [...]

We are at the Borneo Bird Festival 2009

Borneo Books will be represented at the Borneo Bird Festival, and will have for sale amongst others two brand new books on the Birds of Borneo.

Birds of Borneo – Phillipps Field Guide

Birds of Borneo – Myers Field Guide

So if you are visiting the Rainforest Discovery Centre (RDC), Seplilok, please drop by our Stand [...]

Wanna new bird book?

Shortly you will have a choice, as two field guides to the Birds of Borneo are being launched. We should have stock of both at our stall at the Borneo Bird Festival at the Rainforest Discovery Centre at Sepilok (Sandakan – Sabah) Oct10 – 15th. Both the latest thing in bird identification.