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Arabic CD + Phrase Book


Arabic Phrase Book & Dictionary


Birds of Burma; The ( Fourth Edition )

Mystical Burma is hidden inside the pages of this classic book, now re-issued and updated by the late author, B.E. Smythies. From the time he began his forestry career there in 1934 until his last revision of these pages in 1999, his was one of the key influences in Burmese ornithology. Fewer than [...]

Butterflies of the Malay Peninsula; The (4th ed)

The first edition, published in Kuala Lumpur in 1934, was a slim volume dealing with the commoner Malayan butterflies. The death of H.M. Pendlebury in 1945 left Dr Steven Corbet as sole author of the second edition, which was completely rewritten and much enlarged to include every Malaya butterfly known at that time. [...]

Citrus & Citroid Collection; The Rimba Ilmu’s

Small book in colour on this plant collection at Universiti Malaya

Cook Book; Asian Health & Diet


Dictionary of Malaysian Timbers

A Dictionary of Malaysian Timbers was first published in 1982 under the “Malayan Forest Records No. 30″. As the book contains comprehensive information on most of the timbers and their uses in Malaysia, it has been immensely popular among timber traders, timber consumers, students, wood scientists, etc. As a result, the book went [...]

Early Mapping of the Pacific

The Pacific Ocean remained largely mysterious until the latter part of the eighteenth century, when a series of monumental voyages brought most of its heretofore unknown archipelagos to the mapmaker’s pen. Until then the evolving image of the ocean had been moulded as much by the cartographer’s whimsy as by the explorer’s survey. [...]

Feng Shui in the Home; Creating Harmony

FENG SHUI IN THE HOME is a book that marries the eastern art of Feng Shui with contemporary interior design. It is an accessible, practical book that makes a sophisticated art easy to understand and apply room by room in your home. FENG SHUI IN THE HOME explains how to use the bagua, [...]

Forestry in Sabah; Commemorative Edition

Forestry in Sabah has progressed much over the last century. In years long gone, forestry revolved mostly around the regulation of trade in forest products, and the collection of appropriate fees and royalties for the State from the extraction of these State resources. As time progressed and the exploitation of Sabah’s rich forest [...]