Birds of Borneo – A Naturalist’s Guide

An easy-to-use identification guide to the 280 bird species most commonly seen in Borneo, covering Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei & Kalimantan

Text and photographs by Wong Tsu Shi

-Authoritative text describes identifying features, distribution, habits and habitat

-Size, common & scientific names are listed, plus Malay & Indonesian names. 140 pp  of species’ descriptions, 2 species per page, photo inset to text. Sexes of dimorphic species both shown

-Overview of climate, vegetation, biogeography & the main birding sites

-Includes a complete checklist of the birds of Borneo with their status in each part of Borneo and current global occurrence

BBooks comment.  This is a little brother to publisher John Beaufoy’s very successful ‘Birds of Borneo’ by the outstanding writer/ornithologist Quentin Phillipps. Phillipps’ book includes all the species listed for Borneo, is bigger and heavier, has artist’s illustrations and a lot of ecological information.

In contrast, this book by Wong Tsu Shi is very much handy pocket sized (130 x 180mm) and has photos.  Getting photos that illustrate the key points for identification is a formidable task (whereas the artist illustrator can use his or her artistic licence to make sure they are clearly visible). Mr Wong has done a remarkably good job with his photos, while the colour separation and paper quality ensure that the best has been brought out of the original images. Therefore this book can be very much recommended as an introduction to the Birds of Borneo, while always bearing in mind that for every species featured, there may be 2 0r 3 others which are closely related and look very similar! Competitively priced