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Borneo Books has now moved

Borneo Books brand new shop

Borneo Books now has a brand new bookshop on the ground floor of the shopping mall called the Wisma Merdeka (next to the Hyatt Hotel) in Kota Kinabalu. It is packed with interesting books, quite a few of which you will not find on sale elsewhere. Moreover, our prices are highly competitive, particularly when [...]


In the excitement of moving to a new website, a number of emails got misdirected and have only recently come to light. Our apologies. Please email again if you didn’t get a reply, particularly if it involved the purchase of a book.


Borneo Books has to close its two shops on the 2nd floor of the Wisma Merdeka shopping mall in Kota Kinabalu because of termination of the leases. We have now opened a brand new shop on the ground floor of the same shopping mall (seaward side) where Borneo Craft used to be. Come and [...]

Honey Bees of Borneo


Prof. Nikolaus Koeniger, his wife Dr Gudrun Koeniger and Salim Tingek

Today was the ceremonial launching of the long awaited book on the Honey Bees of Borneo, describing the research work of Prof. Nikolaus Koeniger, his wife Dr Gudrun Koeniger and Salim Tingek. All five species of honey bee occurring in Borneo are [...]

Publisher’s Visit

John Beaufoy and Ken Scriven

John Beaufoy,¬† Proprietor and MD of John Beaufoy Publishing¬† from the UK (left), and his Area Representative Ken Scriven (former CEO of WWF Malaysia) came to the shop in KK 2 days ago to show us the final mock up of¬† ‘Wild Sabah’,¬† a new volume by John [...] goes Live!

After months of preparation and testing, this new website for Borneo Books Services is now open for business. We hope you will find our selection of books tempting. It is almost certainly the best selection on Borneo available anywhere. A number of our titles are not stocked in any other shop, nor can they [...]

Tall Tales from the Rainforest Revisited

…Or rather, a long one this time. Look at these two pictures. They are contrasts in perspective. In the station scene, the length of the train in the distance is obvious, because the tracks indicate the distance it is away from the observer. In the 2nd picture, of a very large Python reticulatus, [...]

Butterflies of the Crocker Range National Park #1

A female Yellow Birdwing drying its wings after emerging from its pupa (chrysalis) in the Kipandi Butterfly Park in the mountains above Kota Kinabalu. This is one of 5 species of birdwing being bred in the Park for conservation and tourism purposes. This pic was taken two days [...]

A common Butterfly of Borneo

Hypolimnas bolina likes open sunny spaces close to trees. It is a feature of large gardens in suburban Kota Kinabalu. The male is very territorial and glides down from a high perch to inspect intruders, including people. Other butterflies get chased away.


The new website payment system will show prices in Malaysian ringgit, not US dollars. The exchange rate is around RM3.50 to 1.00 USD. A currency table and a currency converter will be strategically placed both where you find the price of a book, and where you are quoted the price of book + delivery. [...]