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  • A Botanist in Borneo; Hugh Low’s Sarawak Journals 1844 – 1846bk1459

    At the time I formerly sent it to you I remember having said that I expected something very magnificent in its flower, and sure I am that when it produces its spikes of flowers in England it will be the admiration of all cultivators, probably beyond any Orchid that has ever appeared. As I [...]

  • A Friendship with BirdsA Friendship with Birds

    This book is a guide to the identification and appreciation of common birds in the gardens and cities of Peninsular Malaysia.

    There are already a number of good books on bird identifications and field guides, this book does not aim to duplicate that role, it is not too scientific or technical , it is rather [...]

  • A guide to Gingers of Borneo

    The gingers are rhizomatous perennial herbs, mostly aromatic, of the family Zingiberaceae which as over 1500 species. In Borneo the gingers display a great diversity and are separated into 19 genera with nearly 250 named taxa.

    Many ginger species and 4 of the 19 genera in Borneo are endemic to the island which is one [...]

  • A Guide to Orchids of KinabaluOrchids Mt K Guide

    Mount Kinabalu, , situated in the Malaysian state of Sabah, is at 1094m, the highest peak between Myanmar and Papua (Indonesian New Guinea). Kinabalu was declared Malaysia’s First World Heritage Site by UNESCO in November 2000.

    The Kinabalu vascular plant flora may include as many as 5000 to 6000 species, and is one of the [...]

  • A Joy Forever: Singapore’s National Flowerbk1193

    Discovered in 1893 in a Singapore garden, the natural hybrid named Vanda Miss Joaquim was propagated by the millions and set the precedence for a worldwide programme of hydridisation. This orchid was chosen as Singapore’s national flower on April 15, 1981.

    Here at last is a book attempting to put in historical perspective the [...]

  • A List of the Odonata From Thailand )(Parts I – XXI)List Odonata Thailand

    Far more than a list, this is a catalogue of location records and details of material examined of each of the species treated., with line drawings of anatomical details. 242 species are treated.

  • A Sabah GazetteerGazeteer

    THIS is a list of place names, with detailed latitude and longitude of each, and the district in which each place occurs (e.g. ‘Lahad Datu’, ‘Sipitang”). In these days of widespread GPS availability, this Gazeteer must be of much more use than when the book was published in 1995!

    ‘In preparing to set up [...]

  • A Study of Brunei Dusun Religion; Ethnic Priesthood on a Frontler of IslamA Study of Brunei Dusun_0002

    A Study of Brunei Dusun Religion; Ethnic Priesthood on a Frontier of Islam. A Borneo Research Council monograph by Eva Maria kershaw

  • A Taste of Borneo ParadiseA taste of Borneo paradise

    A taste of Borneo Paradise is an excellent guide revealing the best of Borneo’s hidden culinary gems.

  • A to Z of South East Asian Orchid Species Vol. 2A-Z Orchids

    This is a sister Volume to the 2001 book “A to Z of South East Asian Orchid Species”. It follows the same format, uses the same symbols and icons, but provides information about a different set of South East Asian orchids.

    It was written as a simple, convenient and inexpensive guide for people who know [...]

  • A to Z of South East Asian Orchids Species Vol 1bk1457

    This 176 page book was produced by the Orchid Society of South east Asia (OSSEA) to coincide with the 17th World Orchid Conference 2002, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was written as a simple, convenient, inexpensive guide, for people who know little about S.E. Asian orchid species, but want to find out more. No [...]

  • A White Headhunter in Borneobk1824

    Few people have the distinction of placing their signature on a document that created a new nation. This book is about how the British Empire’s last declared Colony of North Borneo became the state of Sabah in the Federation of Malaysia in1963. Stephen Holley describes the unique flavour of the period from his insertion behind [...]

  • Amphibians & Reptiles in Sabah: A Natural HistoryAmphibs & Reps Sabah

    One of the older books on this subject, still a useful identification guide although it is more of a natural history account rather than a species by species pocket guide. Nice pictures and quite a lot on the different habitat types and their herp fauna in Sabah. Nicely produced by Natural History Publications (Borneo). [...]

  • An End to a WarUeno Itsuyoshi

    A beautifully written Japanese soldier’s memoir of the North Borneo tragedy of 1945. An End to a War tells the story of Ueno Itsuyoshi, a late draftee into the Japanese Army in WWII. Ueno and his fellow soldiers came to Borneo expecting to fight and die for the Emperor, but instead most died of [...]

  • Animal Fact FileAnimal Facts

    This remarkable book offers a complete visual insight into the world of mammals, covering animals from diverse corners of the globe, ranging from the trees of the Amazon basin to the depths of the sea, the blazing floor of the desert to the frozen tundra of the Arctic. More than 90 different types of [...]

  • Animal Tales of Sabahbk1461

    This series of delightful tales was recorded from all over Sabah. Living in close touch with nature, the tales show the appreciation and keen sense of observations of nature by the local communities. Working with the Forestry Department, Sabah Forestry Development Authority and more recently with the World Wide Fund for Nature Malaysia it [...]

  • Animals: The Encyclopedia of Malaysia Vol 3bk849

    Malaysia is rich in wildlife. The country’s equatorial climate has encouraged the evolution of an exceptional number and variety of animal species, in Sabah and Sarawak as well as Peninsular Malaysia. This volume introduces the animals of Malaysia in a way never done before. There are many different environments for animals in Malaysia, including [...]

  • Architecture in Sabah: Resorts & HotelsArchitectureSabahBk2896

    This is an eye opener in relation to the range of mouth watering places to visit in Sabah. Be warned, quite a few of these are top end numbers which are by no means cheap, although generally regarded as reasonable by international standards. Furthermore, this is only a small selection of the fast growing number [...]

  • Architecture: The Encyclopedia of Malaysia (Vol 5)bk855

    Malaysia has always been open to ideas and influences from both East and West. It is thus blessed with an architectural heritage of great diversity, artistry and sophistication, showing many crosscultural influences, and ranging from the simplest built shelters to the mega projects of the late 20th century. Malaysia’s architecture is a mosaic of [...]

  • Asian Gemstones; Handy Pocket Guide toGemstones

    Gemstones, both mythical and real, are deeply embedded in the arts, religions and cultures of Asia. This handy pocket guide provides an excellent introduction to the full range of superb gemstones mined and processed in the region, their physical characteristics, historical importance and countries of origin. Stunning color photographs and informative text by noted [...]

  • Asian Retro Food; Dishes of YesterdayAsian Retro Food_0001

    Dishes of Yesteryear. A recall of long forgotten Asian dishes, from meat and poultry to vegetables, noodles and desserts.

  • Atlas of the Dragonflies of ThailandAtlas Dragonflies Thailand

    Maps top show the distribution of dragonflies in Thailand. Rather than having spots indicating individual records, each province is filled in with black if a species is recorded there. As there are very many provinces, this gives a broad indication of range of the over 300 species considered. There are colour photographs of 120 [...]

  • Avec L’Armee SerbeL'Armee Serbe Cover

    Classic World War I book in French by Henry Barby about the struggle of the Serbians against the Austro-Hungarian army in the Balkans and atrocities committed by the enemies of the Serbs, with many graphic photographs and fold out maps of key battles.


    Subtitle: La Guerre mondiale. Avec l’armee serbe, de l’ultimatum autrichien [...]