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Blood Brothers - Sabah and Australia 1942-1945

The story of these courageous and resilient people, which has been virtually ignored for well over sixty years, has now been documented for the first time in great details. Blood Brothers not only traces the story of Sabah from humble beginnings in 1872 to a thriving outpost of  the British Empire by 1941; it also follows in the footsteps of ordinary Sabahans who, far from remaining passive in the face of superior enemy forces, performed extraordinary acts of courage to assist the war effort, especially Australian prisoners of war

Blood Brothers is not only a moving and absorbing tale, it is a wonderful tribute to those who demonstrated courage of the highest and rarest order, inspired not by the prospect of victory, but by the reality of defeat and oppression.

Order Blood Brothers - Sabah and Australia 1942-1945 copy @ RM 70.00

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