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Smaller Moths of South East Asia; A Field Guide to the

This is the first general work devoted to the Microlepidoptera, one of the biologically richest areas on earth. More than 6500 Microlepidoptera species are known, twice the number known from western Europe.

Used as an identification manual, this book should enable the readers to identify a small moth from South east Asia to [...]

The Headhunters of Borneo

In 1879, Carl Bock was commissioned by his Excellency VanLansberge, the Governor-General of the Netherlands East Indies to travel through and report on the interior of South-East Borneo. in 1881, he published his somewhat sensational account of  his observations on the route from Tangaroeng to Bandjermasin, a distance of over 700 miles.

The headhunters [...]

Plants and Flowers of Malaysia

This is a lavishly illustrated handbook which captures some of the wonderful, weird, beautiful, rare and common plants that are part of Malaysia’s natural heritage. The book features 170 native and naturalized Malaysian plant species, including a parade of carnivorous pitcher plants – the world’s most successful vegetable trappers of insects and extraordinary ant [...]

Tropical Plants Asia – a field guide to

This field guide is organized according to the features of a plant you actually see, it is an indispensable companion book which will lead you to recognize some 300 species of trees, shrubs, vines and ground covers commonly found in Tropical Asia.

More than 300 color photographs. Each plant description includes the species’ scientific [...]

Footprints in the paddy fields

Footprints in the paddy fields is both a family portrait and a childhood memoir, set against the vanished would of bamboo huts on spindly timber stilts, a world where one’s prized possessions were makeshift farm tools and a buffalo or two, and where the dead were placed in stone burial jars. those were the [...]