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Honey Bees of Borneo

Prof. Nikolaus Koeniger, his wife Dr Gudrun Koeniger and Salim Tingek

Today was the ceremonial launching of the long awaited book on the Honey Bees of Borneo, describing the research work of Prof. Nikolaus Koeniger, his wife Dr Gudrun Koeniger and Salim Tingek. All five species of honey bee occurring in Borneo are featured and [...]

East of Kinabalu

The author Datuk Leslie Davidson, one of the giants of the oil palm industry in the second half of the twentieth century. He was responsible in the 1960′s for bring oil palm to SAbah on a commercial scale, opening up Tugud Estate for Unilever on what was then the remote east coast.

This volume relates his [...]

Honey Bees of Borneo

Borneo, with 5 of the 9 species of honey bee found world wide, is the biodiversity hotspot for this group. Honey production world wide is base on the European, Asian and African species Apis mellifera, the Western Honey Bee, but as this beast suffers continuing large scale ‘colony collapse disorder’ (partly [...]

Publisher’s Visit

John Beaufoy and Ken Scriven

John Beaufoy,¬† Proprietor and MD of John Beaufoy Publishing¬† from the UK (left), and his Area Representative Ken Scriven (former CEO of WWF Malaysia) came to the shop in KK 2 days ago to show us the final mock up of¬† ‘Wild Sabah’,¬† a new volume by John (Mammals of [...]