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Tears Of A Teen-Age Comfort Woman

This is the true account of the courage and suffering of a young woman who called herself ‘Swee Lian’ who, like thousands of other women who were forced into Japanese army brothels during World War II, had withheld their real identities because of the shame their stories would have brought to themselves and their families. [...]

Reef Life; A Diver’s guide to

This book has 1200 tropical marine species from the Red Sea to the Caribbean and the Indo-Pacific fully described in detail with fascinating, first hand information on distribution, habitat, size, life habits, underwater photography tips, full indexes and more than 1,300 spectacular color photos. The essential field guide for all divers and U/W photographers worldwide.

A Friendship with Birds

This book is a guide to the identification and appreciation of common birds in the gardens and cities of Peninsular Malaysia.

There are already a number of good books on bird identifications and field guides, this book does not aim to duplicate that role, it is not too scientific or technical , it is rather a [...]