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Book Shipment now in the Shops

Our 2nd hand book shipment from the UK has now arrived and found its way on to the shelves. 700 titles ranging from nearly new paperbacks to handsomely published classics. As ever, we have tried to get a mix of the obvious and the totally abstruse, of some books with great intellectual merit and some [...]

Musical Chairs

We have shifted the small ground floor shop of Borneo Books from the landward side of Wisma Merdeka in Kota Kinabalu (facing Ang’s Hotel) to the Borneo Craft site on the seaward side (by the bank of lifts). Borneo Craft, after 30 years in business, has been closed down. We are more interested in selling [...]

Activity Report : 8th November, 2009

Clouded Leopard caught by the flash at night.

BBooks has been quite busy this week with visitors from Spain and elsewhere. The big draw for divers is Sipadan, an oceanic island off the E Coast of Sabah. Visitors tend to drop into the shop en route to and from.

We have also been taking part in [...]