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Welcome to the new home of Borneo Books.


The online store was set up 9 years ago at the same time as a bookshop in the Wisma Merdeka shopping mall in downtown Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysia on the northern part of the island of Borneo. Borneo is the 3rd largest island in the world, straddles the equator and is one of the biodiversity hotspots of the world. The bookshop and the website in turn grew out of a craft shop set up by Ms Rosalind Tsang 20 years ago (see Frame Heading ‚ÄòRosalind‚Äôs Corner‚Äô). The book side of the shop gradually expanded until it was worth having a bookshop. In fact now we have three. One on the ground floor is part craft/part books, and on the 2nd floor we have a second hand bookshop and a ‘new books’ shop next to each other. For independent travelers we have a book exchange scheme – we give a credit RM9 (USD2.60) for a book in good condition. You can put this against the purchase of a new or second hand book from our stock. Second hand paperbacks are mostly RM20 (USD5.90)

The craft shop still flourishes – see below. Rosalind is assisted by staff members Felicia, Niza, Faridah, Salmah, Azura & Noreen in the bookshops and Nester, Mia and Lisa in the craftshop. All speak reasonable English. Shirley checks stock in both shops. Stephen Sutton, a retired forest ecologist, is the UK based Consultant to Borneo Books, advising on what books to stock and website matters (

The bookstores have a list of some 2400 titles of new books which have been in stock at some time (we keep track of out of print books as we are often asked about title status) and 1700 second hand titles. We have a separate small gallery for rare editionsbcraft10

The craftshop sells lots of sarongs, wood carvings, souvenirs, and local pottery. A large section is devoted to pewter (very popular amongst customers from Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan). We have a large number of small pewter animals and our own design of commemorative pewter plate with scenes of Sabah wildlife. We have an engraving service.

The ‘new books’ shop on the 2nd floor has a seating area where you can browse books and information leaflets having made yourself a cup of tea or coffee at the pantry. There is also cable broadband available. There are computer databases on which you can search for which books are in stock. The ‘new books’ dbase is taken from the website and so has images and detail about the books without having to find them.

By the seating area is a large collection of current tourism literature about Sabah, newsletters from NGO’s and ‘grey literature’ (reports of environmental workshops eg on climate change which are not ‘published’ ie for sale). There are free leaflets about places to stay and visit.

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