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World Within: A Borneo Story (Reprint)

The atomic bombs which fell, late in August 1945, on Hiroshima and Nagasaki seemed, for a day or so, to have fallen upon us also, inside Borneo. The, to us, sudden end of the war blasted plans, indeed hopes, nursed and nurtured in our particular internal abstraction. The complexity of our proliferating ant-heap [...]

World War II: Defining Moments

World War II defined the structure of the modern world. With conflict on land, sea, and in the air, from Arctic to Australia, North Atlantic to South Pacific, Far East to the Western Isles, it affected everyone on the planet and is a source of continuing and unabating interest. Difining Moments: World War [...]

World War II Day by Day

This comprehensive single volume provides a day-by-day chronological survey of the greatest conflict of all time. The armistice that ended World war I mat have seemed to be full stop at the time, today we see that it was simply a breathing space for two battered adversaries. The humiliation of Germany at Versailles [...]

World War I Day by Day

The causes of the war to end all wars’ have been debeted exhaustively over the years since Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated on June 28, 1914. Whatever the precise reasons for the rush to war caused by this act of terrorism, the conflict itself sounded the death knell of the [...]

World Polymer Banknotes


World Plant Conservation Bibliography

This book comprises the lectures and papers presented to the second conservation conference at Kew. The conference aimed to highlight the crucial role of botanic gardens in plant conservation and in this it was conspicuously successful. Delegates must surely have returned home stimulated by the ideas – and increasingly the realities – of [...]

World Atlas of Marine Fishes

With more than 6000 photographs of marine fishes this book sets a new benchmark for their identification. It provides the greatest possible coverage and is aimed primarily to assist people interested in marine fishes and their scientific names or classification Presented here are the fishes one is likely to see when diving [...]

Wood-based Panel Products in the New Millennium

The wood-based panel industry in Malaysia, especially in recent years, has become an increasingly important sector of the timber and wood-based industries in Malaysia. The main features of this panel industry that have emerged over the last decade are the remarkable upsurge in production output, the utilization of advance technology and the continual [...]

Winging the Bornean Skies; A Photographic Journey among the Birds of Brunei, Sabah & Sarawak

Nature is at its most fecund in the tropical regions of the world, and the island of Borneo has some of the highest diversity of animals and plants found anywhere in the world. This very diversity sometimes makes it hard to appreciate nature’s bounty most visitors to a tropical lowland forest are overwhelmed [...]

Windows of the Forest